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Janis McDonald of Live Like You Can ( and Marti McGinnis of Quantum Joys ( and HappyArt ( have pooled their collective braintrust and created a workshop designed to help women rediscover their own inner strength and power.

Through the auspices of the field of study known as “Equine Guided Education” or “Equine Assisted Learning” McDonald and McGinnis are using the inherent abilities of horses and burros to intuitively align with participant’s needs.  This mindfully constructed program starts with tuning in to one’s own core observations and carries through to an orchestrated activity with the equines that metaphorically puts each participant in a symbolically charged situation where they are given the opportunity to identify their own natural strengths and act upon those to effect a desired outcome.

Because of their sheer size, socialized behaviors and intuitive abilities, horses make naturally responsive metaphors that open doors to introspection during the workshop. Their mythic place throughout human endeavor, their inherent beauty and almost magical responsiveness to people’s inner feelings give equines the world over a natural ability to perform these services under the guidance of trained facilitators who keep the discoveries flowing and all participants safe no matter what emotions enter the paddock.

The  “Personal Empowerment” workshop will be held in January at McDonald’s “Waena” ranchito on the outskirts of San Miguel de Allende.

9:30a – 4:30p

  • Wear ‘play clothes’.
  • Bring a wrap in case it gets chilly.
  • Bring a notebook and pen or pencil.

Instructions for riding the bus to the meet up point will be given when you enroll. You can also hire a taxi, but taking the bus is a part of the empowerment the workshop is designed to inspire!

Program Outline

  • Welcome, background, what to expect
  • Observation Activity
  • Process and Discuss
  • Herd Activity
  • Process and Discuss
  • Lunch
  • Hands On Equine Activity
  • Process and Discuss
  • Creative Consideration (Art Project)
  • Wrap Up, Resources and Good Bye