About Animal Assisted Inspiration


QuantumJoys: Animal Assisted inspiration is a new paradigm in personal coaching and experiential learning.

This work brings together opportunities for people to reconnect with aspects of the natural world that may be missing from their ordinary lives. Horses are among the most mythic and celebrated of all creatures the world over. In this way people are open to listening to them in ways they are not with other animals even our very best friends, our cats and dogs. Horses are absolutely natural and are meaningful messengers for people in a position to hear them.

These events are designed to assist people in gaining fresh insights and begin to apply them to pursuits they’re engaged with or dreaming about achieving in their lives beyond the workshop.

Participants are encouraged to assign metaphoric values to various aspects of the day’s activities, not the least of which are the horses themselves who will provide fresh, uncensored, purely natural reactions.

When paired with a metaphoric identity the participant assigns, theactions and reactions of the equines can help bring to the surface thoughts, opinions, narratives and any of the other internal accoutrements we build into our lives that help us cope with ongoing challenges. Sometimes the illuminations experienced bring brand new insights and set in motion novel solutions to sticky personal challenges. Call them breakthroughs if you will. Marti calls this the alchemy of animal assisted inspiration. Others refer to this as equine guided experiential learning.

And the name?

QuantumJoys are those “Aha!” moments that seem to come from out of the ether when we open ourselves to listening to the beings in our presence with a loving intensity. Marti invents activities meant to allow those to happen.

Quantum = the hard to explain, but inherently knowable connectivity

Joys = The brilliant sparkling moments of bliss that bubble up when new truths are made available.