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Do we need to go vegen to be considered kind in our food consumption? I know there are plenty of people who will vehemently say YES to that. But what about how their grains, nuts and veggies are raised? Even organic farms wreak havoc when their big and huge. So must we limit ourselves to ONLY what we can find in a farmer’s market? What about where we get winter and no fresh fruits and veggies?

I don’t think there’s any ONE right answer. I think what I must prioritize is to choose with kindness and mindfulness towards humane farming. Thus even meat is ok but only when it has been raised healthfully, happily and only had the one life ending bad moment – that, when done well, doesn’t even have to register within the consciousness. Maybe I’m delusional – but I would rather make choices where we all get to enjoy a beautiful morning – which you can’t do if you were never born….which if a vegetarian were to think that through – would mean cows would become irrelevant and therefore become extinct.