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This spring as the weather was wintery and uncooperative here in Kentucky, in California the weather was fine. So fine the little webcam trained on a tiny tiny nest gave me a window to the world of Channel Island Hummingbirds. In particular one named Phoebe. She laid two exquisitely¬†minuscule¬†little eggs and hatched one out before thousands of curious onlookers. The other was ‘non-viable’ and didn’t hatch.

But miracle of miracles – an orphan of just the right age was discovered in the neighborhood and Phoebe adopted her immediately! This video shows the introduction:

Phoebe is the name these folks have given any female Hummingbird who shows up to hatch her eggs in their yard. They’ve been broadcasting these tiny miracles for over 8 years. Because this is California the hatching is less dependent on the spring season as our Ruby Throated Hummers who fly up from Mexico here in Kentucky.

Full strength charm in tiny compact bodies

Full strength charm in tiny compact bodies

I can’t get enough of the little dudes. Phoebe’s flew the coop several days ago and I miss watching them grow. I’m looking forward to the next batch but want the little mom to take a break. That was a lot of hard work!