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happy seed, seed cartoon, seedlingTrees are such awesome individuals. Like us, they begin life from a tiny tiny beginning; a seed and with time grow into large embodiments of the ideas held in that original encased potential.

They grow right where they are.

They don’t seem to particularly long for different conditions though they will definitely lean towards the favorable. They commit to place and get on with their business of living.  They drink when it is offered and dance when the air insists. They slowly compete for sky and as wee youngsters start seeking personal heights immediately.

Their arms hold the homes of birds – nature’s optimists. They may house innumerable species of creatures, big and small and be as full of neighborhoods as a big ol’ city!

You can count on a tree to be there.

They don’t go off to seek their fortunes in distant lands. They quietly create their lives in place – influencing the landscape with their presence, sharing their bounty with their presents:

  • seeds
  • shade
  • sap
  • shelter
  • shape

There is everything to love about a tree.

Much to admire.happy tree sketch

They don’t embarrass easily. They’re tough. Sturdy. Reliable.

They’re interesting too. Like how they can change dramatically to optimize their existence for different seasons:

Sun Gathering – leafed out.

Drought Coping – leaf dropping.

Fall Hope – seeds.

Winter Waiting – bare branched.

Spring Mayhem – flowers!

Their branches draw for us opportunistic paths found all throughout this universe: part pure randomness part perfectly predictable.

Trees are symbols of strength, hope, adaptability. Wherever they are life lived near them is more pleasant. I love trees.

lively tree branchesCreative Consideration

Go spend some quality time in the company of trees. Document what you experience in whatever way you like best, photographs, drawings, recording, video, story, list of observations. Anything will do – do what the trees inspire!