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Private and Semi-Private Equine Assisted Coaching Sessions

lindy-legsQuantumJoys Private Sessions offer access into the wonderfully intuitive world of The Horse by special arrangement. Clients come with suggestions for what they would like to unlock within themselves in dealing with current challenges in their lives. You will get a customized set of activities designed to help bring to the fore currently hidden opportunities, points of view, opinions or inner dialogues sabotaging progress.

Sessions can be created for:

  • individuals
  • family groups
  • couples
  • work teams
  • colleagues
  • and others

Whether you’re self-referred or referred by a professional, sessions can be custom created to help you with your issues, goal or dreams.

NOTE: These sessions should not be considered counseling per se, though the benefits may well be therapeutic. They offer a lively avenue towards self enlightenment using whatever context you desire. Collaboration with your own counselor, psychologist or other wellness professional can be arranged and is encouraged for any who desire this type of experience to be a part to your treatment.

Choose from:

  • Unblocking Creative Flow  – for creatives of every genre, artists, dancers, musicians, writers, etc)
  • Designing A Better Personal Future – for people in transition
  • Finding The Strengths In A Group – for team building
  • Breakthroughs In Family Relationships – new paradigms in old behaviors

Various options are available – prices shown are in US$ per person – minimum 3 participants  (discounts may be applicable for larger groups or multi-session commitments):

  • 2 hours $50US
  • half day (4 hours with snack and creative project) $75
  • full day (6 hours on site with everything above plus lunch and rides from and to Centro SMA if desired) $125 – or pay in pesos at the current rate
  • Singles welcomed! Just double the prices above.

Payment by online invoice, PayPal or pesos. Rides can be arranged and may be included for some groups. Taxis average about $150 – 200 pesos each way. The #146 bus comes up several times throughout the day and the fare is a mere $8 pesos each way. Catch it near La Comeda (the former La Mega) or down Zacateros or at the main bus station.

The video below explains some of this important work. (Note: this is equine guided education being practiced at a farm in the San Francisco bay area, but what the founder says rings true for we at QuantumJoys who practice animal assisted inspiration).