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Riding & Natural Horsemanship

Natural Horsemanship In San Miguel de Allende

One of the most balanced and centered approaches to horsemanship is available by private lesson just 6 miles south of San Miguel de Allende, in the rolling countryside. Learn this gentle, humane and truly effective technique for riding and training horses on a hill with a truly breathtaking view of the mountain ranges of Guanajuato.

Study Natural Horsemanship in one of San Miguel de Allende’s prettiest little ranches

Natural Horsemanship Explained

natural horsemanship lessons san miguel de allendeNatural horsemanship is a philosophy of working with and developing a rapport with horses using methods derived from observation of the natural social behaviors of free-roaming horses.

It is a ‘from the ground up’ approach to centered riding that allows the student to experience and learn from unmounted interactions with horses ‘at liberty’ in a corral. Students learn how to align energy and intention with their equine partner in a variety of activities designed to illuminate the thought processes and natural behaviors of the 1200 pound animal they will eventually sit upon and guide.

Students are taught how to ‘think like a horse’ using clear leadership signals their equine partner understands; any equine anywhere, any discipline.

Who Is This For?

Great for beginners as well as those seeking a more balanced approach to their horsemanship. A perfect reintroduction to horseback riding for those ready to get back on a horse and re-live some of the freedoms of youth but in a perhaps safer, saner approach than what they first experienced.

Perfect for those wishing to develop an ‘independent seat’ (well balanced in the saddle from your core down) in preparation for other equine activities in the area or back at home.

Marti’s Experience

Natural Horsemanship lessons san miguel de allende

Marti and Muon will help you learn Natural Horsemanship

Marti McGinnis has studied with some of the top rated natural horsemanship trainers in the business today. While living in Lexington, Kentucky, she learned from: Buck Brannaman, Chris Cox, Pat Parelli, Clinton Anderson, Dan James and Dan Steers of Double Dan Horsemanship, and Shelby Hume  as well as the dozens of world class natural horsemanship clinicians who participated in the Road to the Horse colt starting competitions held annually at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Your Equine Teachers

Muon McHippus
born 2004
Black & White registered American Paint
1200 pounds, 15 hand 2″ tall (62 inches at the withers)
Muon, or MuMu, is named for the ‘charmed particles’ in quantum physics that appear wherever the physicist is looking. His last name is a combination of Mc (like Marti’s last name McGinnis) and ‘Hippus’ which is Latin for horse. He is a seasoned professional who is very willing to offer challenges as the student’s aptitudes arise. He is safe and kind, but has a natural dignity that’s very responsive to a student’s needs.

The cutest miniature horse in san miguel de allende

iota can’t wait to meet you!

iota McHippus
born 2008
Sorrel & White registered Miniature Horse
400 pounds, 7 hands 3 inches hands tall (31 inches at the withers)
Registered Delta Society Pet Partner
iota, or io (say ee-yo, which is the Fijian – where Marti was a Peace Corps volunteer – word for “yes” (we like to be positive around here) is named for another Greek letter, except this one means very small. He is an excellent equine communicator and is particularly brilliant at helping students master the timing of their signals in the round pen. Marti likes to joke that she’s glad she got MuMu as a yearling first, because she thinks the little dude would have bested her early on. Actually, it’s not a joke, lol.


  • Sessions generally run 1.5 hours each, sometimes a little longer. Mornings are cooler than afternoons.
  • $1000p each
  • Riding helmet required. Loaners available no extra charge.
  • Wear long pants, with cowboy boots or similar. A hat and sunglasses are good for the unmounted activities. Sunscreen is always suggested.
  • QuantumJoys Natural Horsemanship Printable Intake Form – click here to download pdf and print


Unicorn Hill Ranchito
Cabras – Juan Xito

Bus #146 leaves from centro or across from La Comer, ask about schedule details!

It takes about 20 minutes from La Comer to Unicorn Hill

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