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The Team

About Marti McGinnis

Marti McGinnis

Marti McGinnis

QuantumJoys founder and creator Marti McGinnis is:

  1. an artist (
  2. a writer (Her books on amazon)
  3. an animal lover (Her current animal kindness book project and a previous book on “Who’s Who in Equine Compassion” here)
  4. a supporter of the arts (Her website devoted to helping SMA creatives promote their projects)
  5. a social media marketer (
  6. and the founder of QuantumJoys: Animal Assisted Inspiration.
The Paint Paints - ©Marti McGinnis

The Paint Paints – ©Marti McGinnis

She is a horse loving creative individual with a passion for sharing the powerful messages contained in the practices of mindfulness in the company of animals and interpreting their messages through the creative process.

When she turned 50 she was having a difficult time connecting some of her dreams with realistic outcomes. A horse told her:

“Highest Purpose Found in Truest Nature.”

This was then she reintegrated animals and art back into her life in a big way.

Marti’s Horsemanship

Marti has studied Natural Horsemanship with:

She was a regular at the natural horsemanship colt starting competition called Road to the Horse

She was a groom for a year for all 4 major thoroughbred sales at Keeneland

It was as a groom she decided to learn much more about the potential for transformation in how humans interact with horses. She then studied and became certified through Level 2 with EAGALA the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association

Considering possibilities (Photo:

Considering possibilities (Photo:

She also reads and studies everything she finds on the topics of equine assisted therapy, coaching and learning including books by:

Linda Kohanov

Ariana Strozzi

Mark Rashid

and many, many more.


Art – Creativity

Marti has made and sold art for decades. She has done so from the humble beginnings of traveling from street fairs from Key West, Florida to Ann Arbor, Michigan and later flying coast to coast.

She has developed a strongly identifiable artistic voice and her work is immediately recognizable is all its many permutations; paintings, drawing, felting, woodworking, welding, concrete sculpture, paper cache and anything else she gets her hands on.

You can read all about her work on her art site:

She has also written and illustrated several books all available on amazon

She co-authored a book with a dog, entitled “Cans” The Life’s Work of an Optimistic Dog” in which together they demonstrate how anyone with a passion can be an artist.  Find here.

QuantumJoys : Animal Assisted Inspiration

Marti has maintained an active observance of animals as expressive thoroughly deeply sentient beings from childhood onward. She writes blog posts on the topic which are available here.

The Home Equines

While living in Kentucky, Marti graduated from the Equine Management Program at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.

In 2005 she rescued an abandoned American Paint yearling, Muon McHippus, and has taught him to be a trusted riding and trick partner. Several years later she teamed up with a two week old miniature horse foal who came to live with Mu several months later. Marti has worked with him to be a registered Delta Society Pet Partner ( While usually involving a dog as the integral half of the team miniature horses who pass the official registration test can become members.


Guest Equines

Depending on the workshop and the number of participants, Marti can invite in nice horses from the village.