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“Yesterday I was privileged to do one of the most magical art workshops I have ever done. Connecting with hearts of horses and people.

I liked the keen focus of the day on helping the participants to look at issues with the help of their metaphoric other self ( the horse partner). This technique is so deeply effective and a truly easy way to see our limitations or thought patterns.

loved loved loved!!!! food, quality and ample art supplies, water, snacks, fantastic lunch, great environment,

very heart opening. mwahhh.

–Mari O.

“I was so blessed to spend the day as part of the first ‪#‎QuantumJoys‬ equine guided creative experiential workshop. While I’ve spent my life working with horses and years doing equine facilitated therapy Marti McGinnis has created an experience unlike anything I’ve had the pleasure to be part.

Horses can allow us to unlock our hearts and minds in so many ways and this inspired me in a way no other program has. This is not traditional equine therapy but instead a fabulous way to allow yourself to find creative solutions to realizing your own capacity. If you are looking to find a way to become more in touch with your own heart, creative soul and aware of who you really are and what you are capable of I could more highly recommend spending a day unlocking your mind in way these incredible animals can assist you in.

Knowledge of horses isn’t required (or even valuable) all you need is a desire to open your mind, heart and desire to become more in touch with your innate gifts. Unlock your creative capacity in this incredible workshop. They’ll be offered monthly here in San Miguel and you’ll be grateful you gave yourself the gift of knowing yourself better. Maybe you’ll unlock solutions to challenges, or maybe you’ll realize you’ve held the answers inside you all along.”

–Rachel S.

“thank you thank you Marti!

it was such a special day!

it was such a huge day 

and you make it all seem so effortless and hey, I could TELL how much time and energy you put into it all!

picking us up AND driving us back AND the stunning delicious lunch AND your amazing horses AND getting to know the other women in the group and what a great mix that was! and for everyone sharing AND THEN ALL THE REST!

I  am exhausted today:) 

and integrating it all as well — and loving the pics on FB and your high energy comments

just want to make contact today to say  the ENERGY is still around me xx

hugs and in gratitude:)”

–Van xx

I’m still on such an empowered high after the workshop.  It was truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced (up there with the birth of my daughters).”

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