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Workshop: Transitions, Parties, Team Building and more!

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“Horsepower and Transitions”

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$100 US ($1900p) per person .

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Life Enhancing Milestone Birthday Parties

Activities designed especially for your group. You may provide the theme and we can plan the activities and creative project together.

More info soon.

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Team Building Workshops

Activities designed to help bring understanding and cohesion to your professional group. Helps managers and leaders alike.

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finding-unicorns-01Finding Unicorns Workshop

Date: on request

Everyone knows Unicorns aren’t real, right? That depends. Just because you may have never seen one personally does that mean that can not be there?

This workshop is designed to help you look past your own preconceptions and limitations to help you discover the magic you’re immersed in every single day no matter where or how you live.


Unicorns are less about being a type of equine and more embodying  a way of living, of being nimble enough with your perceptions allowing you to create a personal way of seeing that elevates your vision past the ordinary and up into the ether of dreams.

In this workshop you will be invited to create a pattern of awareness that lifts you up off the surface of existence into the aura of your own creative realities. You will leave with an Artistic License good for passage into the realms of any creative endeavors you care to pursue here on out.


Sometime we don’t so much Find unicorns as much as we Call them INTO BEING!

Mythic and magical, creating in the company of horses can be a life enhancing, even life changing experience.

As truly natural beings, horses can be the perfect coach to help you identify the steps you need to accomplish your dreams.


In this half day workshop (9am – 12:30p) you will have an opportunity to interact with horses at liberty (this means they’re untied and free to move about as they wish, but continually monitored for your safety) and in other ways that will offer new ways for you to experience their inherent intuitive wisdom to help you gain your own unique insights.

This experiential learning will create situations that are directed by your own intentions.

Together we will describe the breakthroughs you’d like to set in motion and then see how these create a learning situation tailored just for you through the connective process of your interplay with the equines present. Please consider your dreams, challenges to accomplishing them and potential resources beforehand using this link “Your Metaphors“.

You will have a chance to be with the horses and the group will informally process experiences through discussion under the embracing branches of a beautiful tree.

IMG_1756You will be picked up in an Art Car in Centro, driven to “Perrito Paraiso” 6 miles south of SMA. A light snack and bottled water will be provided. 

  • 9:00 Pick up in an Art Car from and back to Centro (In front of Instituto Allende – Ancha de San Antonio 22, Zona Centro)
  • 9:30 Arrive in Cabras
  • 10:00 – 12:00 Interacting with the horses
  • 12:00 – 12:30 Snack and discussion
  • 12:30 Back to Instituto Allende

Friendly dogs will be available for hugs.