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What to Expect

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What to Expect

Perrito Paraiso, where all QuantumJoys workshops take place unless otherwise noted, is a compact ranchito up the hill from a charming village on the outskirts of San Miguel (Juan Xito – Cabras – about 6 miles from the Jardin on the road to Celaya). It has a super casual feel.


Be prepared to feel welcomed completely as yourself here. We live a simple life up on the side of this extinct volcano. We tend to choose the esoteric in the offerings of nature in the now. Ours is a casual existence that we think you’ll find relaxing.

Whether you’re sitting under the front arbor gazing at the Allende Reservoir in the distance taking in the whoosh of hummingbirds overhead or swinging from a mesquite tree in a hammock chair in the presence of horses munching hay, your choices for finding a peaceful spot to process the day’s events are varied and tuned perfectly to sooth your soul.

QuantumJoys is about Animal Assisted Inspiration from any source; domesticated or wild volunteers, through direct interaction or proximity. What matters is what you make of these experiences. Time will be given allowing you the space you need to tune in – ‘listen’ with every fiber of your being. There are no wrong interpretations. Make notes. Do drawings. Or simply be present.


The workshop begins the moment you arise that morning. If you had a dream you believe relates to the day ahead, consider it part of the day’s information!

If an animal makes an appearance as you are on your way to the pick up point or anywhere in your life as you prepare for the day make note of it. Be attention to your internal dialogue to check to see if words appear that are out of the usual for your inner voice. Chances are if they sound different, they’re emanating from elsewhere. Make a note.

What To Wear

  • Play clothes. Clothes you wouldn’t mind getting dusty or a wee bit bit dog pawed if you’re their type.
  • Wear shoes you can walk in a rocky field or sandy arena comfortably in. No sandals please.
  • We interact with the horses outside, no matter the weather, so outfit yourself appropriately.
  • Part of the time we will be in the full sun, so wear your sun screen and a hat if you’re so inclined!

What To Bring

  • A notepad or sketchbook – ideally will fit in your pocket
  • Something to write with

Your Cell Phone

  • Should be in airplane mode during the main sessions
  • Yes! Take photos with it of your experience! Or hand it to someone who can for you.


  • Please do not take or post photos of fellow participants without their permission.
  • If you do have permission to take and/or post please add the tag #QuantumJoys
  • Do feel encouraged to post photos of the day’s activities as they pertain to your own experiences – hand your camera over to someone to memorialize your experience if you like.
  • We all agree to respect each others’ privacy during the workshop as well as after and will maintain a sacred respect maintaining a dignified response for anyone else’s exposed reactions. That said, you are encouraged to share your own experiences as far and as wide as you care to.


  • Horses:
    We will be interacting with horses in the morning, and while these sessions are not about horsemanship, you will be given some tips about how to comport yourself safely in their presence, so you have nothing to fear. If during an activity an unsafe situation not obvious to participants arises Marti will gently offer information on how to regain a safer balance.
  • Emotions:
    We will mindfully create safe space so emotions that may bubble up have a supportive place to go.

The views are glorious up here

What Will Be Provided

  • Rides in an Art Car from and back to Centro (In front of Instituto Allende – Ancha de San Antonio 22, Zona Centro)
  • Filtered Water
  • Snacks
  • Lunch – vegetarian,  gluten free, organic, all-natural or locally sourced.
  • All materials for the art project
  • A photo op with your project and the horse of your choice

About Our Time With the Horses

  • This workshop is NOT about horsemanship.
  • Is IS about connecting with the amazing intuitive abilities all equines naturally hold.
  • Whether you have had a lot of exposure to equines or none, the interplay this experience encourages between you and the equines is not about riding them or controlling them in any way.
  • One of the most amazing equine learning situations I ever heard of involved a champion reiner (western style performance horse riding) who could not for the life of him accomplish THE simplest task he was assigned with a horse until several sessions had passed – whereas the rest of his family, including an inexperienced toddler made progress within minutes. It should be noted this dude was high falutin’ and helicoptered the family into the ranch for these weekly sessions. He thought he knew everything there was to know about horses – but he was simply unable to accomplish the simplest of tasks with them until he let go of some old beliefs about horses as potential partners and messengers. As soon as he got out of his own way did he ever make a come-around!
  • This workshop is about allowing these amazingly intuitive, powerful creatures the opportunity to share an experience with you in each their own inimitable way.
  • Horses have a highly attuned sensory capability that reacts to nuances in human behavior as invisible to us as our unspoken intentions.
  • When partnered with you and a fun task horses tend to embody a metaphor you assign them which when coupled with their amazingly intuitive behavior can offer you brand new interpretations of elements of your own life path and experience.
  • This workshop is also about allowing yourself space to mindfully attend to the influences of other animals including those who freely occupy our spaces – birds, insects, plants….



HORSES: As workshop steward, part of my job is to interpret the behaviors the horses demonstrate to help you understand how they are reacting to you. In this way I am also able to keep you safe in case a situation is developing in which a horse may exhibit a strong reaction, to you or another horse in your vicinity that may jeopardize your personal space – before this happens I will step in as seamlessly as possible to let the situation get back to bringing you helpful information. For this reason you will see me hovering near you and the equines during your time with them.

EMOTIONS: Our time together can be described as creative coaching, from the animals, from your own interpretations and from the each other. This is not psychotherapy. If we head into deep waters for you, the discussion will be steered back up to the surface, but as soon as you can you should make notes so you can further pursue interpretations and processing with those more qualified to better guide you.

SAFE SPACE: We will begin by creating a circle of safety for all the day holds for each of us and will mindfully disband when the workshop is officially over.

PERSONAL PRIVACY: Each person signs a pledge agreeing to keep others’ privacy intact. Issues that arise in front of the group stay within the group.

Trust the Process

There may be times as we’re progressing through the day’s activities that you question the value of the moment. We’re all subject to those thoughts from time to time.

People ask:

  • “Am I getting my money’s worth?”
  • “Is the energy I’m expending worth it?”

Experience has shown that insights are forthcoming especially when you’re putting intentional effort towards attaining them. They may not come right away. You may need time to process what you’ve experienced. You may need to talk it over with the group or at home with a trusted confident. You may need to literally sleep on it. But insights will come. They always do for the truly intentional.



A whole page has been devoted to some common questions.
Click here.


A waiver will be sent several days for you to review and a copy will be ready for you to sign when you arrive. It touches on physical, emotional and privacy safety issues.  (review here)